10 Jul 2022

Vote Leave Campaign promises by Johnson:

  • Can create a more humane immigration system
  • A friendlier relationship with the EU based on Trade
  • £350 million a week sent to the EU - lets fund our NHS instead

Johnson was appointed Tory Leader and supported by Tory MPs for best part of 3 years - despite being fired from previous jobs, breaking promises and his dishonest record.


  • UK Pound lost value making all imports more costly
  • Farmers, Businesses, Fishermen and Scientists know it is damaging
  • The UK has not applied the agreement to EU imports, despite spending millions on dockside storage, because it would further add to inflation.
  • Travellers no longer in faster lane EU checks
  • Hard Brexit and 'Oven Ready Deal' increases instability in Northern Ireland

Legacy of Conservative MPs supporting Johnson and Brexit:

  • 6.6 million NHS backlog
  • Fastlane contracts and millions handed Tory contacts
  • Slow response to covid with high death rates
  • Army reduced by 10 thousand people
  • Peerages handed to Tory donors
  • Rule of law ignored
  • Nation's reputation for fairness damaged

No MP who was a serving member of the previous or current administration who therefore supported Johnson should become the next Prime Minister